Higher Standards » Measuring Christian textbooks against secular criteria

Higher Standards

Secular textbooks have problems. They fail to meet the needs of students and teachers alike.

So is it possible to find reliable, high-quality textbooks?

BJU Press strives for excellence in all its materials. Each textbook is written by competent authors—the ones whose names appear on the cover. These authors are assisted by a dedicated team of co-authors, researchers, and editors who attempt to keep errors to a strict minimum in the book. If an error does make it into a textbook, we make sure that it is not repeated in the next edition.

The content of our textbooks is not copied or compiled from other textbooks. It is based on careful study of trustworthy sources and personal research by the authors. Individuality and creativity are also key elements in all of our books. BJU Press believes in giving children a unique, enjoyable learning experience as well as a solid educational foundation.

But our greatest goal is to present the truth—in fact and in philosophy. Our textbooks have an underlying Christian worldview because there is more to life than facts and figures. We believe that learning is being able to judge correctly and use appropriately the facts and formulas. It is knowing how to respond with godly thinking to what is presented, in whatever form. It is having the tools to make a Christlike life.

Each student has choices to make. BJU Press textbooks emphasize the character qualities and truths necessary to making right choices.

Reliable, fascinating, character-building—BJU Press meets the standard.

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