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How Can You Change the World?

Just like the ability to lead, speak, or write, the ability to make good decisions is vital. Why?

Almost every decision we make will influence someone else. The consequences can be far-reaching, either in terms of distance or time. We may not be connected through the “circle of life,” per se, but we are connected through our choices—choices that can change history.

Yes, the decisions that the regular Joes of the world make today can change the future. Take Rahab, for example. She is listed in the Bible as being an ancestor of King David and ultimately, Jesus Christ. Anyone familiar with the Bible knows that being in the line of Christ is a pretty big deal.

We recognize that our character, our actions, our thoughts and our motives are completely scarred—completely and hopelessly beyond repair.

But look at her life. She is mentioned as having been a harlot. In one night, however, she made several choices that transformed her from being an unknown harlot to a woman who will forever be remembered for her bravery as she hid two Israelite spies from her own people and later helped them escape the city of Jericho. For that choice, she was honored by God, spared from the destruction of Jericho, married to an Israelite, and memorialized in history and in the bloodline of kings.

One day. One choice. That’s all it takes to change a life. That’s all it takes to throw the future in a new direction.

But what about how our decisions affect us as individuals? As Christians, we strive to make good choices because we strive to be more Christlike. But as Christians, we know better than almost anyone else the depraved nature of man. If we looked deep within ourselves (or maybe not so deep), we would see that we are nothing more than ruined shells of souls, trying to patch the gaping holes in our perfection with charity, morality, and warm, fuzzy feelings.

We recognize that our character, our actions, our thoughts and our motives are completely scarred—completely and hopelessly beyond repair. No matter how much a good a person does, it is not enough to redeem him from his natural, fallen state. Man must be represented by one who is perfect, by one who knows both the sufferings and temptations of man and perfection and authority of God.

Man must be represented by Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Jesus Christ is the reason we make good decisions—the reason we bother to have good character at all. He paid for all of our bad decisions, and He forgives those who believe in His death and resurrection.

Sometimes, the most important decisions in life cannot be categorized into terms of good or bad, and there may be no easy yes or no. Sometimes, you may be the only one affected. Ultimately, though, every decision you make counts. Christian or no, every decision is influential in molding your personality, your lifestyle, or your character.

Will you choose to carry on a conversation with the Starbucks barista, or will you check your phone for updates? Will you vote in the next election? Who will you vote for? Will you decide to sell your house now, or will you wait until the housing market picks back up? Can you afford to wait?

The world is full of tough choices. Added pressure comes from realizing your choices’ potential to change the world. That is change you can believe in. Decision making is not for the fainthearted, but in a world where good character is in high demand and lies scarce on the ground, the ability to make right choices—to make biblical choices—is a must.

Your future, your children’s future, and your country’s future depend on it.